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Bring your home theater or entertainment center to the next level with banana plugs. Used in conjunction with wall plates and wall mounts, banana plugs can dramatically decrease the clutter of bare wires behind your entertainment center. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current entertainment setup, or preparing to set up a brand new one- banana plugs can save you time and headache.

Using banana plugs is one of many ways to terminate your speaker wire, and a vast improvement over bare wire termination. Opting to use banana plugs over bare wire ends offers a few benefits. First, banana plugs make connecting speaker wire to your receiver as simple as plugging them in; no awkward springs or screws to deal with. This is especially beneficial if your receiver is in an awkward hard to reach spot. Secondly, banana plugs can offer a tighter electrical transmission between wire and terminal, reducing the chance of a poor signal transfer. Lastly, they prevent cross termination of stray strands which can seriously damage your equipment.

Clean up your system and your house with a tidy combination of Wall Plates, Wall Mounts, IR Receivers, and even In-Wall Speakers. Follow each link or navigate using the sidebar for helpful information and tutorials on home theater topics.

Deck Comparison

1 Pair 5 Pair 12 Pair 1 Pair Premium 5 Pair Premium 20 Pair Premium
$2.50 $9.95 $16.95 $3.95 $14.95 $54.95

Wall Plates

Wall Plate

Wall Plates are made for a huge variety of home theater applications: from plates as simple as a single HDMI port for your game console or Blu-Ray player, to larger wall plates that hold connections for your entire 7.1 surround sound system. Akin to a traditional telephone jack, wall plates allow you to conceal large bulks of wire behind a wall leaving a simple clutter-free connection.

1 Speaker 2 Speaker 3 Speaker 4 Speaker 5 Speaker 7 Speaker1 Sub 7 Speaker / 1 Sub/ 1 HDMI
$5.95 $7.95 $9.95 $11.95 $13.95 $24.95 $28.95

Banana Plugs

So Wall Plates are simple enough, but what are Banana Plugs? Banana plugs were designed to reduce the pain of wiring your home theater's speakers. Traditionally, wire is stripped and run bare into the speaker and receiver terminals. While this still works, most equipment uses a complicated connection involving tight fitting holes with screws or springs (and with the sheer number of connections in a surround sound system, this can get very frustrating.) Banana plugs connect to the end of bare speaker wire effectively transforming it into a simple plug. This is incredibly convenient in hard to reach areas behind your television, especially when you need to rearrange your system in the future.

Wall Mounts and In-Wall Speakers

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InWall Speaker Cable Wall Plates Speaker Cable Wall Plates In-Wall Speaker Speaker Cable Wall Plates Banana Plug Deck Comparison

Take your Home Theater to the next level by putting your TV up on the wall with a Wall Mount and then hide all your speakers away inside the walls with In-Wall Speakers.

Now you have a general idea of banana plugs and wall plates. Make sure to check out the links on the side bar for more detailed information as well as helpful picture tutorials on how to install them.

23"-37" Mount 23"-39" Mount 37"-63" Mount 5 1/4" Speaker 6 1/2" Speaker 8" Speaker
$57.45 $34.95 $33.95 $59.95 $69.95 $79.95

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